We offer you 100's of cute backgrounds with codes for your myspace profile and friendster.
click the links in the navigation, preview the backgrounds and copy the css codes and put them in your profile.
Notice: for them to work in Friendster remove the <.style> <./style> from the coding.
Some backgrounds will have bannerqueens tagged on them because I used to own the site and tagged all my backgrounds
and never saved untagged ones.
Well I hope you enjoy your stay here!

11 June 09 ♥
Today I have added
Cute backgrounds &
Polka dot backgrounds
more backgrounds will come later.

9 June 09 ♥
Today I have added some new
Twitter backgrounds see them here! page 9
Heart backgrounds
Animal backgrounds
Girly backgrounds &
Polka dot backgrounds

8 June 09 ♥
Today I have added some new
Music backgrounds
Heart backgrounds
Fashion backgrounds
Stripe backgrounds
Peace backgrounds
Cute backgrounds
Animal backgrounds &
Guy backgrounds

7 June 09 ♥
Today I have updated

Lots more Twitter backgrounds see them here!
8 Flashing backgrounds
New brush sets
10 photography backgrounds
and a new tutorial, How to use backgrounds for all profiles

6 June 09 ♥
so far I have 6 pages full of Twitter backgrounds, check them out here! now I have added 10 star backgrounds.

5 June 09 ♥
More Animal backgrounds., More Twitter backgrounds here!
and new brush sets. I will also be adding loads more twitter backgrounds later also new star ones.

4 June 09 ♥
More scene backgrounds. new twitter buttons and 1 new girly background

3 June 09 ♥
More Guy backgrounds. More Twitter backgrounds here!

2 June 09 ♥
More Girly backgrounds and summer backgrounds

1 June 09 ♥
More cute backgrounds, more girly backgrounds and Black and white backgrounds I also updated the summer backgrounds the other day and forgot to mention it.

31 May 09 ♥
I have made all the background thumbnails linked to the previews so you now can click them.
More guy backgrounds have been added and a new tutorial here

30 May 09 ♥
Added 10 new cute backgrounds, 10 girly backgrounds, 5 wood backgrounds and a new tutorial in the navigation under tutorials.
29 May 09 ♥
Added more cartoon backgrounds, music backgrounds, 18 new flashing backgrounds, emo , new brand backgrounds, summer, more cute backgrounds and more twitter backgrounds.
28 May 09 ♥
Added 10 more black & white backgrounds, 5 new photography backgrounds and 10 new stripe backgrounds.

27 May 09 ♥
Added 15 cute backgrounds and 10 word backgrounds

26 May 09 ♥
I am in the process on uploading Twitter backgrounds for you. Feel free to Follow me on my twitter.
I have added 12 new Twitter backgrounds, 10 Animated backgrounds, link is in navigation also a new layout.

25 May 09 ♥
Today I have added 10 Cartoon backgrounds and more emo backgrounds.

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